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August 19


Anywhere Telecommute opportunity

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About Entermotion.

Entermotion is a creative design and programming studio. We work on a variety of projects for our clients, from identity design to application development. We’re a dispersed team, and we’re comfortable collaborating remotely. 

What’s the Job?

We’re looking for someone to tell our client’s stories. We build all of our designs and programming around content, so creating unique content is really important to us. That’s about 50% of the job. Another 25% would be creating smart, easy-to-follow suppot articles for applications we develop. The other 25% would be creating have-to-read blog articles for us and our clients. We realize that’s 100%, but you’ll probably also get asked to proofread, and do other tasks to help the team.


  • Writing compelling and authentic stories that people want to read.

  • (We’re not one of those scammy SEO shops), but you do need to write content that gets indexed, and know about some of the technical points of SEO. 

  • Digging for stories within your team, and with the client. 

  • Writing things that are fresh, and conversation starting.

  • Headlines. 

  • Being concise.

  • Empathy.

  • Proofing.

  • Organizing content hierarchically in a website.

  • Keeping track of details. 


This is a remote position. We’re used to working as a dispersed team so it’s important that you’re cool with collaborating mostly online. We’re flexible on schedules.

How to Apply.

Click the button, and…Include 5 bullet points about why you would be a good fit, your salary expectations, and a link to past work. We would rather have a short note than a long resume.

 ** Due to the fact that our job posts usually have hundreds of responses, anyone not following the above requirement will likely rejected immediately. Thanks for understanding! Please feel free to apply again even if you have in the past. 


Individuals ONLY. No recruiters or agencies please.

Job Perks

Great group of people. Awesome projects. All the benefits of remote working and setting your own schedule.

Note: Individuals ONLY. No recruiters or agencies please.


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