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Web Developer


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Alta Planning + Design, Inc. is an international consulting firm with a mission to create active communities. We specialize in bicycle, pedestrian, trail, park, greenway, and roadway planning, design, and implementation in addition to outreach and education programs.


This position is responsible for developing and maintaining websites through various content-management systems, creating rich and interactive web-based apps, and structuring database systems to support our projects.


An understanding of current web design methods and techniques is required in order to successfully meet the requirements of this position. The essential priorities of this position are to:

  • ·        Collaborate with graphic designers to develop dynamic and highly functional websites and web applications that are meaningful, relevant, efficient, and meets the needs and requirements for projects at hand.
  • ·        Build web applications powered by various database management systems (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL) to manage registrations, trip logging, and other various features that allow large amounts of data to be securely collected/stored, transformed, and visualized in dynamic ways.
  • ·        Build web tools using frameworks and libraries that support the efforts of GIS and planning teams.
  • ·        Awareness of accessibility issues and guidelines, and commitment to making ADA compliant websites/apps.


Additional responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • ·        Understanding and appropriately documenting technical requirements to ensure the resulting website functions appropriately as required and is understandable enough in its documentation to successfully complete project handoffs.
  • ·        Collaborating with graphic designers to ensure the technology and methods selected appropriately support the designs and goals of the project; from-scratch theme creation, as necessary.
  • ·        Coordinating with internal and external stakeholders including developing budgets, timelines and appropriately planning resources to ensure timely and appropriately secure project deliverables.
  • ·        Ensuring accuracy and easy-to-understand language in all prepared documents and final deliverables.


This position requires a combination of skills, experience and education including, but not limited to:

  • ·        Three (3) or more years of experience as a Web Developer.
  • ·        CMS: Expert-level experience with WordPress and Drupal (Setup and hosting, developing dynamic templates and custom themes, and maintenance on updates and load times.); experience with other content management systems such as FuelCMS, Bolt CMS, or similar.
  • ·        Web Development: Experience building web pages with Javascript, JS frameworks/libraries, HTML5, CSS/SCSS/SASS, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, GeoJSON, and CodeIgniter, and Heroku.
  • ·        Mapping tools: Knowledge of web mapping languages and software including Google Maps, Fusion Tables, OpenStreetMap, QGIS, PostGIS, Python, MapBox, Wikimapping, and LeafletJS.
  • ·        Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Drive products (Google Docs/Sheets/Forms).
  • ·        Experience with setting up servers with various hosting providers (DreamHost, MediaTemple, GoDaddy), server maintenance and troubleshooting, and domain renewals/transfers.
  • ·        Excellent communication and project management skills. Ability to explain the web design/development process to non-technical/technical colleagues and client staff, and walk them through the decision making and scoping process.
  • ·        Ability to create and develop from project specifications, design guidelines, sitemaps, wireframes, and renderings. Ability to articulate development requirements.
  • ·        Ability to work efficiently and scale effort to available budget and schedule. Ability to work simultaneously on several projects. Ability to problem solve.
  • ·        Good interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.
  • ·        Exhibits accuracy, attention to detail and strong organizational skills


There are a number of additional skills, experience and education that would be beneficial to this position including, but not limited to:

  • ·        Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Programming, Computer Science, Information Technology or related field of study.
  • ·        Experience with billable-hours work as freelancer/consultant.
  • ·        Experience with creating and working with GIS data for the web.
  • ·        Experience as an in-house web designer and developer.
  • ·        Experience with creating web animations using CSS and video animations using tools like Adobe Animate and After Effects.
  • ·        Enthusiasm about Alta’s mission to create active communities.


Reports to: Art Director
Manages: None

Web Developer

This job description is not designed to be a complete list of all duties and responsibilities required of a Web Developer.


Additional duties or responsibilities may be assigned from time to time.

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